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Our Team




Cameron Young

Founder & Executive Director

Cameron Young is a professional wildlife biologist and the founder and Executive Director of the Center for Snake Conservation and My Nature Lab. His passion for snakes is contagious; he turns fear into fascination, curiosity, and respect. His mission of conservation through education inspires the educational programs at the Lab. Cameron is actively involved in all programs at the Lab.

Rebecca McGeary

Education Director

Rebecca (Becca) McGeary is a former public school teacher with a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education and the current Education Director at My Nature Lab. She has led story time, volunteered, and helped to develop the educational programs at the Lab for the last three years. She loves nature, is a lifelong learner, and believes in educating the mind, body, and soul.


Lindsay Buckhout


Lindsay Buckhout is a recently graduated zoologist with a passion for educating others about the wonderful critters we share our world with. Her love of research and learning has taken her from her home state of Michigan to South America, Africa, Australia, and all over the country. Now settled in the mountain west, she aims to share her experiences and love of reptiles (and amphibians!) as a member of the My Nature Lab staff.

Margaret Wolf

Outreach & Education Specialist

Margaret (Maggie) Wolf is a lifelong appreciator of reptiles and the outdoors. With her Bachelor's Degree in biology from the University of Evansville and Master's Degree in Museum Studies from the University of Colorado Boulder in Museum Studies, she has gained diverse field and lab experience with animals ranging from reptiles to humans. She is excited to join the team at My Nature Lab and to help foster a lifelong love for wildlife in and out of the classroom

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Jackson Prosser

Animal Care Specialist/Educator

Jackson Prosser is someone with a passion for conservation and all things wildlife. After receiving his degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of Colorado, he gained diverse experience ranging from working extensively in the paleontological field, wildlife rehabilitation, and the pet trade. He is eager to educate people on one of the most maligned groups of animals on earth, with the goal of changing human attitudes towards herpetofauna.




Maya enjoys reading and writing, and is an artist. She likes birds and marine biology as well. In the future, she hopes to become an ornithologists or a professional artist.


Amelie loves reading in her free time and flipping rocks to find little critters. She loves reptiles, specifically snakes. In the future, Amelie would like to pursue herpetology as a career!

Board Members

Board member profiles coming soon!

Board Members
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