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My Nature Lab offers 5 different annual memberships, all packed with hands-on learning opportunities.

Why should I become a member?

My Nature Lab is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization funded by memberships and your donations. Your support is what keeps our doors open and our animals fed. By becoming a member, not only do you help support My Nature Lab, but you also receive perks such as unlimited Lab visits, field trips, camping trips, discounts, and more!

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  Membership Tiers  

All My Nature Lab memberships are renewable on an annual basis. Memberships include two named adults and kids or grandkids.

Looking for more? Reach out to us about Individual and Lifetime Memberships,!


Ready to join?

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Unlimited Lab Visits

Unlock unlimited Open Lab visits by becoming a Lab, Adventure, Patron, or Sustaining member. Open Lab visits normally $15 per person per visit, but they are FREE for your entire household with a membership! During Open Lab, our educators run hands-on animal lessons all day long! We hope that every time you visit My Nature Lab, you will learn something new.

Field Trips

You can get involved in local field trips by becoming a Field, Adventure, Patron, or Sustaining member. Our field trips are led by Cameron Young, our Founder/Executive Director and wildlife biologist. They are limited to four families per field trip to guarantee the best and most personal experience. Most are open to all ages and run two hours on average. Field trips are run anywhere in Boulder County and are spent looking for a target species, generally local reptiles and amphibians but also birds, mammals, animal signs, and more!

Camping Trips

You can get involved in camping trips by becoming a Patron or Sustaining Member. Our camping trips are 2-3 nights with daily guided field trips led by Cameron Young, our Founder/Executive Director and wildlife biologist. We take our members to little-known spots with high reptile and amphibian diversity. These spots are all within a 6 hour drive of My Nature Lab. Our next field trip is September 22 through September 24, 2023 in Nebraska!

Special Events

You can get involved in special events by becoming a Patron or Sustaining Member. Special events involve private Lab hours (open only to Patron and Sustaining Members) with rare and exciting educational experiences. Special events may involve activities like lessons with some of the more oddball species, giant snake feeding, specialty courses, and more.

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