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Yellow Jackets

Picnic Marauders 

This week we are learning about yellow jackets.  Most people don't like them very much but they are incredible and beneficial insects.  Learn more about these amazing wasps below.

Yellow Jacket Activity

Find a piece of leftover meat or a slice of lunch meat.  Put it outside in a place where you can watch it closely but safely.  Watch it for 15 minutes to start and then come back every hour to count the number of yellow jackets.  You can collect the following data from your observations:

  1. How long did it take for the first yellow jacket to find your snack?

  2. How many yellow jackets were at your snack at hour 1?  Hour 2?  Hour 3? Hour 4? Hour 5?

  3. Did you see a yellow jacket chew off a piece of meat and fly away with it?

Discussion Questions

Here are some discussion questions for you to talk about with your friends or family?

  1. How do you think the yellow jackets first found your snack?  Was it smell or did they see it?

  2. How do you think yellow jackets can help humans?  What is their function or role in the ecosystem?