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Animal Encounters - Week 2

Woodlouse Hunter

Let's explore an non-native species and learn about its natural history and distribution.  In this lesson, we will learn where they occur, what they eat, and how to find the woodlouse hunter.

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Woodlouse Hunter

Woodlouse hunters originate from the mediterranean in Europe.  What do we call their current global distribution?

1) Pandemic

2) Cosmopolitan

3) Arctic

4) Pangea

Woodlouse Hunters got their name because it was originally thought that they only ate what prey type?

1) Ants

2) Crickets

3) Pill Bugs

4) Roaches

Woodlouse Hunter Female eat their mates.

True or False

Woodlouse HUnters do not make traditional spider webs but they will create a _______ to live in?

1) Nest

2) Funnel

3) Cocoon

4) Rock Pile

Woodlouse Hunter Activity

Woodlouse Spiders are non-native species.  This activity is a scavenger hunt to get outside and see if you can spot 4 native species before you spot 4 non-native species.  Download the activity here:  Native or Non-native