Common Snapping Turtles

Virtual Lab - Week 1 - Animal Encounters

Common Snapping Turtles are prehistoric looking creatures with amazing natural histories.  Come learn all about them and do an activity that helps demonstrate the risks that turtle nests are exposed to.  Then scroll down and check your knowledge with a short and fun quiz.


Common Snapping Turtles

For a fun and interactive activity about snapping turtles and their nests, click on the link below to download a pdf.


Question 1

How big can common snapping turtles get?

1) Over 200 lbs

2) About 80 lbs

3) Just 30 lbs

4) Just 10 lbs

Question 2

What is the biggest threat to common snapping turtles?

1) Nest predation

2) Loss of habitat

3) Cars

4) Fish hooks

Question 3

What is the best thing to do if you encounter a snapping turtle crossing a road?

1) Hit it with your car

2) Take it home

3) Pick it up and put it back on the side of the road it came from

4) Watch it cross the road on its own

Question 4

How long can snapping turtles live?

1) 10 years

2) 30 years

3) 50 years

4) 80 years or more