Incredible Snakes

Reticulated Python

Reticulated pythons are the longest snakes in the world.  Watch the video and do the activity to learn just how long they can be!


Python Activity

This activity is an easy one but also extremely fun.  You will need a tape measure, some tape, and a piece of yarn or string that is at least 25 feet long.

Using your tape measure, measure out 25 feet along the ground marking each end with a small piece of tape.  Now cut a piece of yarn or string that is the same size at the length between your two marks.  Use this string to measure and compare objects around your house and yard to see what is bigger and smaller than the world record reticulated python.

Is your car longer than a python?  What about your stairs?  Does the python stretch all the way down or up them?  How many rooms can your python be in at the same time.  Have fun measuring and comparing your python to things everywhere!

Question 1

Reticulated pythons and humans have been competing for resources and eating each other for thousands of years.  Scientists think this might be a type of

1) Co-dependency

2) Coevolution

3) Mutualism

4) Extinction

Question 2

How long is the longest reticulated python ever measured?

1) 35 feet long

2) 19 feet long

3) 22 feet long

4) 25 feet long

Question 3

How many reticulated pythons are killed each year for their skin?

1) 500,000

2) 5,000.000

3) 50

4) 5,000

Question 4

Reticulated means what?

1) Worm like

2) Bird like

3) Net like

4) Snake like

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