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Eastern Yellow-bellied Racer

Racer Activity

For this activity, we ask you to find an open space (or your backyard) and go for a quiet nature hike.  Let nature guide your discoveries and exploration just as Cameron did when deciding what species of snake to highlight this week.  If you find something really cool or interesting, email us and tell us all about it.

Question 1

Racers undergo a significant pattern and color change as they grow up.  What do we call this?

1) Pattern Alteration

2) Adult Pattern Loss

3) Phenotype

4) Ontogenetic Color Change

Question 2

Female racers often lay their eggs in the same place as other females.  What do we call this?

1) Nest Friendship

2) Communal Nesting

3) Nest Hiding

4) Nest Coordination

Question 3

Racer eggs are easily distinguished from most other snake eggs because they have the following characteristic.

1) They are blue.

2) They are perfectly smooth.

3) They look like they have salt or sand on them.

4) They are perfectly round.

Question 4

Racers have a really fun behavior where they hold their bodies up tall.  What is it called?

1) Tunneling

2) Snorkeling

3) Periscoping

4) Slithering