Prairie Rattlesnakes

Incredible Snakes - Week 4

We are exploring the incredible world of prairie rattlesnakes.  We will learn how they hunt, what they eat, and what makes them absolutely incredible!

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Rattlesnake Activity

Rattlesnakes are ambush predators.  They rely on being unseen and unheard in order to capture prey.  How quiet and still can you be?

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Question 1

What is a rattlesnake's primary defense mechanism?

1) Venom

2) Rattle

3) Camouflage

4) Striking

Question 2

True or False - by counting the number of rattles that a rattlesnake has, you can tell how old it is.

Question 3

How many different species of rattlesnake occur in Boulder County, Colorado, where the Center for Snake Conservation is located?

1) 0

2) 1

3) 3

4) 5

Question 4

A rattlesnake's venom is made up of mostly compounds with a ____________ action.

1) Neurotoxic

2) Hemotoxic

3) Aquatoxic

4) Audiotoxic