Black-tailed Prairie Dogs

Week 3 - Animal Encounters

This week we learn about the incredible black-tailed prairie dogs.  Scroll down for a video lesson, two activities, and a knowledge quiz.

Prairie Dog Activities

This week's activities will have you drawing a prairie dog town underground and get you outside to observe live prairie dogs.  Follow the link to download the activities.

Question 1

Prairie dogs are in the Family Sciuidae.  What other mammals are in this family?

1) Naked Mole Rats

2) Mountain Lions

3) Fox Squirrels

4) Jumping Mice

Question 2

Prairie dogs help increase what mineral in plants making them more nutritious for other animals.

1) Nitrogen

2) Oxygen

3) Phosphorus

4) Gold

Question 3

What animal below isn't a predator of prairie dogs?

1) Coyote

2) Red-tailed Hawk

3) Bison

4) Black-footed Ferret

Question 4

What do you call the chamber in a prairie dog town where babies are born?

1) Back Door

2) Turnaround Chamber

3) Nursery

4) Food Cache