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Parents! Are you looking for meaningful, engaging, educational SCIENCE content for your child? Do your kids miss the animals in the Lab? Is your child itching to learn how to hunt for snakes or frogs? Whether you’re long-time fans of My Nature Lab or just found us today, we’ve got you covered!

We are excited to introduce the My Nature Lab “Virtual Lab.” Beginning Monday, March 30, we are hosting online classes for ages 4-14. We will take a closer look at the animals we know and love in the Lab, as well as venture outside to explore and investigate the abundant life in our natural world.

For $60/month, you will get all the digital content we offer for all ages. From crafts, games, and story time, to thoughtful and detailed biology lessons that meet and exceed state science standards, to virtual field trips with tips on finding and catching life in the wild, we will bring it all to you in the safety and comfort of your own home.

Classes are taught by Cameron, a professional biologist with a passion for snakes, and Becca, a former teacher with a Master’s in Elementary Education. Join us! We can’t wait to “see” you! Register here to join our Virtual Lab ($60/month per child attending the live classes):

Here is a typical weekly schedule of our live programs with videos and other fun activities added throughout the week:

•Monday, 10am - Biological Explorations (recommended for ages 7-12): We pick an animal at the Lab to Explore in depth. •Monday, 4pm - Adventures in the Field (all ages): Join Cameron on a virtual field trip in the wild. •Tuesday, 10am - Junior Biologists (recommended for ages 11-14): We deep dive into biological and ecological topics and principles. This class is for serious learners. •Tuesday, 4pm - Biological Explorations (recommended for ages 7-12): Just like our Monday class but we pick a new animal to Explore. •Wednesday, 10am - Life Scientists (recommended for readers ages 7-11): We deep dive into biological and ecological topics and principles. This class is for serious learners. •Thursday, 10am - Budding Biologists (recommended for pre-readers ages 4-7): We pick a new letter each week to investigate with biology, ecology, and the animals at the Lab.

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