Animal Sponsorships Available Now!

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

The Animal Ambassadors at My Nature Lab are an integral part of our educational programming and effort to promote conservation through education. Seeing, holding, and experiencing the animals up close and personal in a safe environment is impactful. It has a profound and unique way of inspiring people of all ages to care about species they may have feared or ignored before. It expands minds, opens hearts, and saves lives. With the animals at My Nature Lab, we turn fear into fascination and inspire the next generation of ecologists, biologists, and conservationists.

Animal care is one of My Nature Lab’s greatest expenses. We provide our animals with a species-appropriate varied diet. By sponsoring a Lab animal, you help us keep it well fed and well cared for. We appreciate your support, and our Animal Ambassadors thank you from the bottom of their bellies!

You can make a monthly or recurring donation to sponsor the feeding of one of the Lab animals by following the links below: