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Plains Hog-nosed Snake


Virtual Lab - Week 1 - Incredible Snakes

Join us to learn about the plains hog-nosed snake and the incredible adaptions for survival.

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Incredible Snakes




Question 1

True or False - Hog-nosed snakes are often crepuscular meaning that they are most active at dawn or dusk.


Question 2

What species two species below are not considered mimics of hog-nosed snakes?

1) Milksnake

2) Rattlesnake

3) Racer

4) Bullsnake

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Question 3

The shape of a hog-nosed snake rostral scale (nose) is adapted for the following:

1) Hissing

2) Biting

3) Digging

4) Mating


Question 4

A hog-nosed snake has enlarged rear teeth that look like fangs.  What makes them different from real fangs?

1) They aren't hollow.

2) They poke holes in prey.

3) They are used in eating.

4) They don't grow back.