Let's Explore The World of Magnification Using a Microscope.

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Magnification Activity

Besides microscopes, there are many devices that we can use to magnify our subjects.  Download this activity to explore magnification and how it might be helpful to us in our lives.

Magnification Activity

Question 1

Your microscope has a 10X eye piece and you are using the 40X objective lens, what is your total magnification?

1) 40 times

2) 4 times

3) 4,000 times

4) 400 times

Question 2

What is another name for the light source of a microscope?

1) Illuminator

2) Sun lamp

3) Night light

4) Light magnifier

Question 3

Microscopes can be used to see things too small to see.  What is the name of the Kingdom of single celled organisms that can be found in pond water?

1) Kingdom Fungi

2) Kingdom Plantae

3) Kingdom Protista

4) Kingdom Animalia

Question 4