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Living or Non-Living

Virtual Lab - Week 1 - Biology

In Biology, Living is used to describe something that is or once was alive.  In this lesson, we define living organisms by using 8 common characteristics.  Scroll down to watch a video, do an activity, and take a fun quiz to test your knowledge.


Living or Non-living

Our activity for this lesson has us going outside to find living and non-living things.  Download this datasheet for instructions and for a place to record your findings.


Knowledge Quiz

Question 1

Which of the following living characteristics is not true of fire?

1) It can breathe

2) It is made up of cells

3) It can grow

4) It can respond to stimuli

Question 2

Which of the following things is not living?

1) A treefrog

2) A tree

3) A worm

4) Water

Question 3

Which of the following characteristics is not known to be true of all living things?

1) Sleep

2) Reproduction

3) Growth

4) Moves

Question 4

Which of the following items is living?

1) Concrete

2) Wind

3) Bullsnake

4) Diamond